With the short list I’ve assembled below from different sources selection of fragrant types of flowers. Along with these that are well-known (daffodil, lily of the area, bluebells) I’ve tried to look for a few that might be new to you (they certainly were to me!).

Hyacinths (Hyacinthus orientalis) are available in shades of red, white and blue, and have a divine scent. Place in pots in or close to the house for full understanding of the scent.

Daffodils (Narcissus) – there are many with wonderful aromas, and many various kinds of daffodil. Two are ‘Bridal Crown’, which has sweetly fragrant, double, white flowers, and ‘Minnow’, which has clusters of aromatic flowers with creamy yellow petals and orange trumpets.

Lily of Valley (Convallaria majalis) creates small fragile white (sometimes red) alarms, that have a sensational scent.

Bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) have scented nodding bell-shaped flowers that may range in color from violet-blue to white if not pink (!). The fragrance of a carpet of bluebells in a forest environment has to be experienced to be thought, nowadays even though difficult to find.

Cowslip (Primula veris) creates nodding aromatic yellow/green long bell-like flowers on tall stalks. Different fragrant Primulas will also be available:

Primula ‘Bon Accord Cerise’ is just a fragrant dual selection with a sweet fragrance of honeysuckle.

Primula ‘Crathes Crimson’, still another dual, has sweetly fragrant, button-like flowers which are shaded yellow at the bottom of every petal.

Violets – the standard English violet (Viola odorata), long-famed because of its scent, creates fragrant blue or white flowers in springtime. Different types are also available, a number of which are also fragranced:

Viola ‘Eastgrove Blue Scented’, that has with lightly fragrant lilac plants
Viola ‘Maggie Mott’ has beautifully fragranced large plants.

Fragrant purple flowers are produced attractive by winter heliotrope ( Petasites fragrans ) early in the Brand New Year.

Sweet woodruff (Sweetscented Bedstraw, Galium odoratum) has little white fragrant flowers in the late spring. Their vegetation also offers the fragrance of cut grass, which becomes stronger once the leaves are dry.

Wall flowers (Cheiranthus) variety in color from creamy white, to shades of red, orange and pink. Many types are fragranced.

Clematis – a few types of clematis create fresh flowers in spring:

Clematis armandii is just a high climber (9 ft) with long evergreen leaves which are covered with fragrant white flowers in springtime
Clematis montana var. rubens ‘Elizabeth’ creates light pink flowers and includes a fragrance of vanilla.
D. montana var. rubens ‘Tetrarose’ is just a long-flowering range with deep mauve-pink flowers and a spicy scent.

Wisteria (Wisteria sinensis) is just a rampant climber creating 1-ft long flower heads with sweetly-scented blue/lilac flowers in May/June.

Akebia (Akebia quinata) is just a semi-evergreen climber, creating small and fresh pink/purple flowers in April/May.

A small, medium or large shrub can be formed by lilac ( Syringa ), with respect to the selection. In May/June, it provides significant fresh clusters of silk flowers in a variety of colors from cream and white to all and red shades of deep pink.

Now some gardening tips

Different Gardens have different varieties of plants, fruits and vegetables in them. There are several tips which should be kept in mind while creating your own garden.

Various people are not aware about all these activities of gardening. So for them, there are special online sites which are really helpful in proving right kind of suggestions for every type of gardening process. So one can hire agents like truegarden in order to know more about gardening issues. There are some gardening tips that can be used for all types of gardening process. Some of them are defined below.

Mulching is the one of the important step as it protects your gardens top soil from getting blown away. It also offers nutrients to soil as it decays and develops the appearance of your gardens. Mulching also has some other benefits and is one of the most suggested gardening tips by gardeners as well as farmers.

Healthy plants are considered as more resistant to different types of diseases. Generally Plants are like people, a person with a strong immune system can fight with any kind of diseases. A healthy plant can also do the same thing.

Using manure fertilizer is one of the best ways to have healthy plants. We can also say that it is a great way to save money on various expensive fertilizers whereas Non -organic fertilizers leave a chemical residue which gets accumulated in garden soils and harm the plants as well as the gardeners also.