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Safety Measures to be Observed Before Taking PhenQ

PhenQ slimming pills have become very popular. This has been caused by the effective way in which they help people shed unwanted weight. Users generally experience very few side effects after consumption of the pills. However, the pills should be used in the right manner in order to have desirable effects.

Improper usage can be unsafe. Severe side effects may be observed due to disregard of the correct usage practice. To avoid the occurrence of undesirable results, it is advisable to take precautions before taking the tablets.

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First, it is important to know if it is safe for you to take PhenQ weight loss capsules. This is because people with certain conditions should not take the pills. These conditions include heart complications, diabetes and hypertension.

People with disorders such as kidney disorders, liver complications and sexual dysfunction should also avoid the fat burner. Cancer patients are also not recommended to take the pill. People suffering from depression should not use PhenQ pills to burn their excess fat.  Ignoring these recommendations may lead to severe side effects.

Should people in UK go for PhenQ? What does PhenQ UK Review reveals?

Apart from patients with the above conditions, expectant and nursing women should also avoid diet pills. The contents of the pills may get to the children through the placenta or the breast milk. These contents may be harmful to the baby.

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Individuals who have not attained the age of 18 years should not take PhenQ fat burners. The aged should also avoid diet pills. Users planning to participate in competitive sports may be disqualified. This is because the pill has contents that are contained in the IOC list.

Buying from India and Asia

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You should always consult the doctor before using the pills. If given the green light to use PhenQ slimming pill, you should always ensure you follow the correct dosage.

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Setting Good Climate For Love Making

There is that instinct in every person to start and keep a love relationship at a pace that is gratifying to one’s body and mind. It is for this reason many women want to satisfy their husbands so as to perpetually sustain oneness of heart, mind, and purpose. You will learn simple things I do to make my husband happy with me.

For this to take place, as a woman, you must understand that men want fun, and at the same time, they want some real character put into the relationship. You should therefore re-discover how to keep a man.

Here, I show you how I make my husband happy, and thus how you can too.

Of a truth, the following list is not exhaustive, but then I intend to identify some of the areas that often lead to contention in a marriage relationship.


So, take these top 4 tips very serious if you want to make your husband happy.

1. Submissiveness: men want men who are subject to them. This does mean that they want women to be ‘servants’ or ‘slaves’. Rather, they don’t want women who are bossy that is women who are domineering. Men always want to feel in control of the relationship. Women who want to dictate the course of events in the relationship are not the favourite of men.

2. Initiative: men don’t want women to take over the relationship, yet they want women who can think and suggest an idea as at when needed. For such men, to be submissive is not to be passive. They want women who are outspoken, confident, and well-refined in their propositions. They want women who can take action in a proactive way.

3. Peace: The most frustrating thing that is common to women in a marriage relationship is nagging. Even when men are wrong, they would not admit it if women nag. Men do not want complaints. That’s why most men transfer aggression on their wives when they are met with complaints after their return from office where they have had a frustrating experience. The first thing should not be complaints about the kids or household needs. Men want women to meet them with soothing words and action that will ease their mental tension. After he has felt relaxed, you can stylishly make your case known.

4. Passion: The desire for sexual intimacy is more prominent in men compared to women. Men tend to develop great affinity to women who satisfy their urge as at when due. Be romantic; be sexy. In respect of that, I suggest you read The Non-Romantic Guy, if you really want to please your husband.

With these simple but powerful facts, I have made myself highly attractive to my beloved husband. Everything sums up the power of attraction to men. That’s the way I make my husband happy.

How good are you at getting her to scream

How good are you at getting her to scream, “Oh my God! Yes!”??

And if you think you’re pretty good at it– is it possible she’s faking it?

lusty87Here is a new way to test your skills on a series of REAL women, and see if you’ve got what it takes to get them off >>

Okay, honestly, this is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time, and it’s WAY more than just a game to test your sexual skills (though I found out the hard way that it is a pretty serious test!)…

It’s also a new and incredible way to LEARN and to PRACTICE your skills at touching women to give them pleasure, increase their sexual arousal, and then get them off hard.

Try to imagine this:

First you gather a dozen beautiful women and interview them in DETAIL about what REALLY gets them off the most– the techniques that drive them wild and bring them to their most powerful orgasms…

Then you video-tape them demonstrating exactly how they like it done, explaining as they get themselves off…

And then…

You invest 5 million dollars in developing a proprietary video technology that lets you actually PRACTICE what you just watched by touching her body yourself, right on the screen– and hearing her moan when you’re doing it right, and getting her to coach you when you’re doing it… “not quite right”.

This is exactly what the team at OMG-Yes put together >>

This is very, very cool stuff, and it includes fantastic, in depth lessons and explanations on important sexual themes like teasing, rhythm, multiple orgasms, and more…

And then, guided by the women themselves, you can try out your skills at each technique.

I tried out the “Hinting” technique with a beautiful red-head who, after several minutes of stroking her clitoris, and getting her close, finally said in a sweet but somewhat frustrated voice:

“Umm… that’s okay… maybe next time,” and aburptly ended the session!

What?!  But I’m Alex !  Don’t you know who I am?!

It took me 3 attempts to finally get her off… pretty frustrating, but also, I have to admit, pretty educational as well, and I took a lesson on being too impatient and how to listen a little better to what she wanted. Big penis is useless, better penis is!

And yes, this is all on video using either the touch screen on your mobile device or tablet, or the mouse or track-pad on your computer.  I used the track pad on my Mac, and I have to tell you that the experience was oddly realistic (though obviously far from convincing “virtual reality”).  Next time I’m trying the iPad.

I have had several conversations now with the creators over at OMG Yes, and they are very serious about their mission of “lifting the veil on women’s sexual pleasure,” so that more men can gain both understanding and confidence around what women really enjoy in the bedroom.

Over the past decade, men have gotten increasingly WORSE at sexually pleasing women as they watch more and more porn and then, imitating what they see, end up disappointing both their women– and ultimately themselves.

Everyone loses.

And OMGYes was created to un-do that damage and teach men THE REAL STUFF, so that they can  become the kind of lover who has realistic knowledge and practice in what real women actually like, and giving real women, real orgasms.

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