You pull up into your driveway and as you approach your garage door, it slowly opens to allow you to park your car. But have you ever posed to consider what makes all this possible? The technology employed by liftmaster door openers is similar to that of other openers.

By simple definition, the door opener is a complex piece of equipment that works with the rails, drive mechanism, brackets and springs to coordinate all these parts to work together to raise and close the door. Automatic openers add to the convenience especially in bad weather when you don’t have to get out of the car to open the door. But how does the Liftmaster garage door opener know you are approaching and the door should be opened? The simple answer is radio waves.

The actual technology is more complicated than this, but a detailed explanation is beyond the scope of this article. The opener is connected to a receiver the receives signals and tells the door when to close or open. These signals are transmitted from your remote whenever the door needs to be opened.

You also don’t have to worry about the security as the system constantly resets the signal so that potential intruders cant “eavesdrop” and break in. Door openers come in various types such as the belt drive which provides very silent and smooth operation. Chain drive is a popular choice for most people due to the low initial and attached maintenance costs.

Other models include screw drive openers, which are optimized for performance in demanding environments, and the wall mounted residential jackshaft model which is a great space saver as it leaves the ceiling space free for other forms of storage. Youll also appreciate that most of these systems can be used with a back up power source to ensure continuous operation of the opening mechanism in the event that there is a power outage.

The next big thing

In situations when you need more information, gathering it from the concerned persons mobile might be a great idea. But how many of us are in a position to read data from someone elses cell phone frequently? You can however get complete access to a mobiles information if you install a spy mobile phone application on it.

The spy app is designed to collect and pass on data from the mobile on which it is present to a remote app server. You will be required to open your unique account on this server to view the dumped data logs. You will also need to lay your hands on the mobile for a few minutes to download and install the spy software on it.

You can thus gather details not only about the calls, sms text messages, emails, the chat messages and sites visited but also view entries in the Contacts, Notes, Photos, Videos, Calendar and more. If you want to watch the person more closely, then the GPS tracking option can help you. In case you are keen on eavesdropping into calls or bugging the phones environment, you could choose advanced options meant for that. You can also elect to install a spy on your own mobile for purposes of data backup.